How To Fill Online Driving License Form Nepal (step-by-step guide)

Now we can apply online driving license forms from our home on our mobile/computer, in this article you can learn all steps to fill up an online driving license form. You can fill up your paper from your Android/online mobile phone let’s learn How to apply for an online driving license form.

Collect these Basic requirements before you apply online driving license form.

  • Citizenship (NEPALI NAAGRIKATA)
  • Blood Group
  • Phone number
  • Father, Grandfather And mother name
  • Email address (But not compulsory)

NOTE: You must have older than 16 years old for Bike/scooter (Category A)and 18 years for Car (Category B)

Now we are going to fill up online form .

STEP 1. Open your mobile/computer again open your favorite browser like SAFARI, or CHROME then Enter the website then click enter. Then this type interface will display on your browser.

online driving license form
1st step to After login given Website.

If you already signed up you can log in with your Username and password otherwise you should have click on the sign-up button.

STEP 2. Fill-up all the required fields as per shown below. (*) Fields are mandatory to fill-up. Then click
on Sign-up Button.

online driving license form
In this section, you should have filled all your information carefully.I suggest you must have enter your own mobile number, not your parents or friends.

STEP 3: After clicking the Sign-up button you will receive sms with OTP code on your entered mobile number. Type your OTP code and click confirm button .

STEP 4: After confirming the OTP code log in with your Username and Password. This interface will show on your computer.

From here you should have update all infromation carefully.

STEP 5 : Click on personal details option and fill your all required personal information carefully.


STEP 6: After clicking the button, this interface will show your computer for your address.

Now here fill in all the address information correctly And click the submit button.

STEP 7: After clicking Submit button, Fill up your all citizen details and upload your scan copy of your Citizenship. (Citizenship must be jpg. file and it should be less than 1MB.

Upload your photo of citizenship here And click the Submit button

STEP 8: After clicking the submit button, fill up your additional address and guardian information.

After filling up your additional information click submit button

Now you filled up all your information, After that you can book the date for biometrics.

STEP 9: Now click on the Apply for Driving license button.

STEP 10: Read all the TERMS and CONDITION about applying for a driving license carefully here because once you filled out the form then you cannot edit your information.

Read these terms and conditions carefully and click the NEXT button.

STEP 11: After clicking the NEXT button Choose your license category which do you want.

Choose your category and click the next button .

STEP 12 : Then Now select the province and Nearest license office for your Biometirces, Written test and trail test.

Select your nearest license office and province here.

STEP 13: After choosing your nearest office Select your desired date which is given there for choose.

Select your desired date here.

If you succeed to choose your desired date you will receive an OTP code, enter your OTP code in your given box and click submit.

CONGRATULATION your submission for the license form is complete after completed you will get REFERENCE no (This is the most important thing for the license exam).

Save your form and print it out and visit your office on the given date,

READ CAREFULLY: Be sure your all personal information is correct, once you apply you cannot edit this form.

FAQ about online driving license form.

1. Who can apply for an online driving license form?

Any Nepali citizen, who can drive a bike/car can apply for a driving license form.

2. When will the online driving license form open?

Transport Management Offices / Transport Management Service Offices verify application details and take biometrics of an applicant every 4 days of a week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday except public holidays) for New Driving License and Category Add.

For this, an applicant has to register an online application against the office within every 16 days if the quota of license category for the office is remaining by creating an applicant account in the system at first.

The new application form will be opened for each 16th day from 7 AM and an applicant can apply the form online by 7 days and 24 hours till the quota of license category is available.

3. How many applicant IDs can i make?

You can make just an applicant id if you have multiple ids for your license, DOTM will cancel your online driving license form.

4. What is the minimum qualification for applying a driving license form in Nepal?

There is no education qualification for driving license form in Nepal.

5. How much money should I pay for the license form?

You don’t have to pay for your form but if you go with cyber or another person they will charge you some money.

6. What is the process of issuing the smart license from Nepal?

  1. Submit an Online driving license form

2. Take the date for biometrics

3. Written exam

4. Trial Exam

7. What happened if I fail the Trial exam ?

If you failed in the trial exam you can process for the retrial exam after 1 week from the fail date within 90 days For 3 times.

Best tips for fill Online driving license form ( Cheat for you )

  1. Use a fast internet connection to book the date slow internet connection is a waste of time quota will fill in seconds.
  2. fill out your form with yourself don’t pay for the online form.
  3. Aware of scammers they will scam you with duplicate license form
  4. Used your personal mobile no.

If you have any questions regarding the ONLINE LICENSE FORM Fill free to comment below we will replay as soon as.


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